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Wellington Wellings (1913-1991) spent much of his service life in India practising snooker and perfecting his Gin and Tonic, after returning to England he continued in his quest to perfect both, eventually passing on his talents and pursuits to my father who in time attempted to pass them on to me.

"The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen's lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire" - Winston Churchill

Snooker failures now all but a distant memory, G&T has remained firmly with me. The pursuit of the perfect G&T, with so many great Gin’s available, has become the pursuit of the perfect tonic.

Our Tonic

Almost 200 years ago British Army officers stationed in India were combining local botanicals, sugar and water with the Quinine based prophylaxis in order to ward off Malaria. The daily ‘tonic’ was mixed with gin to disguise the bitter taste of the Quinine. G&T has become not just a British staple but an international favorite the world over. Recent years have seen a huge increase in the quantity and quality of gins to hit the market, unfortunately the tonics have not kept pace and have become sugar laden and sweet, overpowering the excellent gins available. We have created our tonics to time honored traditional recipes with the finest ingredients in order to complement the gin and provide the best possible drinking experience.


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